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Michael Augustine, owner/creator/editor of Bohemian Baseball, is a IT Specialist for a suburban St. Louis, MO school district. He’s been writing about sports for over two years, having contributed to Bronx Baseball Daily, Rant Sports and SB Nation. He is an avid baseball fan who has been a life-long supporter of the New York Yankees and roots for the New York Jets during the winter. He also provides technical advice as well as writing for Know It All Football.

Bohemian Baseball derives its name in the spirit of free-thinking individuals who don’t always conform to typical analysis and write about baseball the way they want to–how they choose to see it. This site is dedicated to merging new and old school thinking as opposed to drawing a line between the two.

Bohemian baseball embraces most sabermetrics as well as good ol’ fashioned gut instinct and observation.

If Harold Reynolds and Brian Kenny had a baby, it would be Bohemian Baseball.

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